How about we be an open book for a minute?

Birthday, Felony & Fuss was founded by six graphic designers who decided it was about time the Artist started making Books again. The lack of initiative festering on the face of our locality seduced us into committing a criminal offence. So be sure to mind your p’s & q’s when wondering why we Babes Built for Books ended up devoting our lives to the ink. We simply fell in love with artists’ publications & what is Love but a loss of rationale?* To a Babe, all books have a similar allure, defined by having neither shelf life nor expiry date, ripening as they age instead. But not to worry, dear friend, our publishing platform caters to the artist, the writer, the creative at large & the average enjoyer. True Babes believe in dotting the i’s of accessibility & democracy with reaching such accolades as to even flirt with the artist’s bread & butter.

*Therefore, we are cleared on all charges against...

  • slipping hot off the press in 2022 by announcing that “nothing marks the death of an art form more than its rebirth”; it was a moot yet brave point that can only be called into question by understanding that buying books & reading them are two different hobbies.
  • frequenting the Munken Paper store by instinct. We have a loyalty card that aches to be punched. Premium uncoated fine paper never disappoints in unique tactile details, now do they? Pardon the brutality, but it’s just to die for… “To choose Munken is to know a secret about matters in graphic design” & that secret we’ll take to the grave.
  • taking every opportunity for uncalled-for festivities. Each launch is as a birth & we will never apologise for party-rocking in light of a newborn. This may seem radical to some, but it is the Fuss we are committed to.

Greetings from Brussels,
Your Friends Forever



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